A mind that grows and then… explodes! ha compiuto 2 anni oggi!A cupcake for me! :D

A mind that grows and then… explodes! ha compiuto 2 anni oggi!
A cupcake for me! :D

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Father, forgive me. I have travelled so far from you. How many game days since the Skull River ripped us apart? How many real hours since I’ve gone pee? We seek this necromancer… Why? Our reasons. Our dreams. Our dreams dust. I send word on wings of sparrows in hopes they might find you. Abed says the odds are near impossible… That’s enough for me. Should you receive this message, I know of a way to reunite. According to my character sheet, if I rub the blade of our magic family sword while you rub the hilt, twin beacons of light will reveal out locations to each other. Each night I will think of you and rub. Pray for the night fate will find us rubbing together. Your son, Joseph Gordon-Diehard.

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Dear Gyda…

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We are The East. We are your wakeup call. And we are not hiding from you. We are you. We are the morning you got off the treadmill and ran under the open sky.  We’re the first time you kissed someone and they kissed you back. We are the night you couldn’t sleep. The night you were staring at the ceiling thinking, “Is this it?” “Is this the best life has to offer?” No. there was a freedom in you that knows no fear. Last night we gave pharmaceutical giant McCabe-Gray a taste of their best selling poison denoxin. We encourage the media to follow the company’s members. We will counter-attack two more corporations for their injustice. We will not show mercy.

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